Our Team

Karl Lange

Karl Lange, PT, CFCE
Clinical Educational Manager

Karl has over 20 years of practice in the Physical Therapy field.  Early in his career, he worked as a traveling physical therapist which gave him a wide variety of opportunities to work in some of the most highly sought facilities in the United States. These experiences gave him access to a diverse range of knowledgeable mentors.  One of Karl’s many passions is to teach which is why he is a great fit for taking on the role of Clinical Educational Manager. He works one-on-one with patients and our Physical Therapist Assistant staff which includes continuing injury education, the healing process, and modern techniques for optimal recovery. He is taking on a lead role in developing, implementing, and educating staff on state-of-the-art rehab protocols.  Karl has many passions in life including teaching about health and wellness, entrepreneurship, and real estate endeavors. However, most of his time is taken up by his beautiful wife and their three little ones. Aside from his vast wealth of clinical knowledge, Karl is best known for his ability to liven up the clinic with his boisterous humor and fun-loving enthusiasm.