Joseline A.

Aug4th 2020

I love this place! The staff is so friendly and that makes you feel super comfortable.

Joel J.

Aug4th 2020

This is a very good clinic, I highly recommend it if you need rehab from a work injury. ALL the therapists are great but I personally work with Alona very well! A big thank you to everyone!

Eric S.

Aug4th 2020

Good knowledgeable staff that was great to work with!

Adres P.

Aug4th 2020

When I want to feel healthy and happy my mind go straight to this place thanks to helpful people like Alona or Brooke. Really great staff!

Karla L.

Aug4th 2020

I’ve been working with the PT’s and OT’s and they are amazing. They are experienced, work as a team and they really care about each individual patient; they’re always willing to modify the treatment to help the patients accomplish their goals. I enjoy working with all of them, have seen great results specially with Irina

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Jossie W.

Aug4th 2020

Very professional and nice people to work with. Definitely you can rely on them if you have back, shoulders, knee issues or any other body part you are struggling with. Dany, Ezra, Irina, Luda, Alona, Ashley all of them are great at what they do.